Flexibility in Classroom Configuration

With many classrooms and work stations lacking space necessary to hold training and other larger group activities, it can be difficult to identify resources that can assist with this. A Flip Table is one option available for educational purposes to help with this issue. These types of tables can be easily stored away, nestled together when not in use. They can be raised to different heights to make it comfortable for use for people of different ages, from elementary school age, high school age, to adult learners.

In the educational setting, the classroom configuration, can be very important and can hinder or promote learning. Grouped configuration can be better to promote positive social growth, another important aspect of education for our children. Group work, encouraging collaboration, compromise, and problem solving can be important in growing students. It can also be helpful to alter the environment for a variety of activities, which can be difficult when using desks or tables which can be problematic to move and manage.

With the need for outlets to meet the changing needs of today’s technology, this table can be updated to include on top outlets, making it easier to charge laptops for presentations or tablets for school work. Also available in many widths and depths, this type of table top can meet the needs of any organization and are ADA compliant. Easy to move from area to area and easy to lock into place, this type of work station allows for quick room configurations changes when requirements change.

The tables are strong and resilient, made from high quality materials to ensure that they will last. The scratch resistant tops are safe against daily wear and tear. Available in many color choices, they can adapt to any decorative scheme already in place in educational or business arenas. Helping teachers or training facilitators to arrange the room in the way best fit for a variety of activities, this type of equipment can assist for presentations, team meetings, and other educational purposes.

When presenting information for a schools or business projects, the use of visuals is important. Allowing those who learn better visually to be targeted, as well as making the presentation more exciting, including visual representation in presentations can be effective. This type of table can easily allow for use of Power Point or other visual aids for these demonstrations.

Although classrooms can typically house desks, sometimes lined up in rows, it can be more beneficial to create varied learning environments for students. Work surfaces, in varieties that are easy to store, move, and adjust can make it easier to rearrange classroom, or boardroom, environments without stress, allowing teachers, presenters, and business people to tailor the environment to the needs for the day. This flexibility is important as smaller environments can be adapted to meet many needs, which is important for school districts dealing with budget cuts, as well as businesses trying to meet the needs of their schools and agencies on limited budgets.…

7 Tips to be Fully Prepared for an Exam

Now that you’ve done all the hard work of revision, it’s time to let yourself shine and show the examiners what you’re made of. But the res a few things that all too many students overlook when getting ready for an exam. Here are a few tips to make sure your taking the best you into the exam hall.

Dont Cram!

If you’ve done the revision, you won’t need to. Trying to squeeze in extra information at the last minute runs the risk of pushing out the information you’ve already retained. You’ll be more focused on the information you memorized the night before, and less focused on all the other stuff you’ve revised the preceding weeks.

Sort yourself out the night before

Waking up and realizing you have no pens or pencils to take to the exam, or that your calculator is in breach of the regulations will stress you out more than is necessary. A bit of nerves can help focus you, but he name of the game is calm as possible.

Make sure you have everything you need for the exam the night before. Pack your bag, make arrangements to meet friends prior to the exam, and pick out the clothes you’re going to wear so the morning will be as hassle free as possible.

Get Comfortable

This is one I always overlook. Wearing jeans in a long exam is not a good idea. You get very sweaty, uncomfortable, and they’re quite tight meaning you’ll need more toilet breaks. Sounds simple but the less your concentrating on being comfortable the less distracted you’ll be.

Get the Blood Flowing

If you have time do some light exercise the morning of the exam. Even if this means a brisk walk to the exam hall, it will release endorphins which will lower stress and help you concentrate on the task at hand.

Fuel Up

Get a good breakfast. I’ve never been a breakfast person but it is so essential. Sugary cereals and coffee are probably a bad idea. The last thing you want is to come down off a sugar or caffeine rush half way through your exam.

Instead try something with high carbs like oats, for a slow  and steady release of energy.

Start Your Engines

Getting your brain in gear before the exam will save you time once the clock starts. Try a bit of light reading for your next exam or the morning paper to get your comprehension ticking over.

Often, I can concentrate on little else outside of the upcoming exam, so I make very broad notes on some cards and read over these. You’re not cramming, just revisiting things you’ve already thoroughly revised.

Keep Hydrated

Even with all the above tips, my concentration lasts about 25 minutes at best. Take a bottle of water and, if you’re allowed, snacks. Give yourself realistic momentary breaks to compose your thoughts and keep yourself on track. But make sure not to take 3 litres of water in with you. You don’t want to off to the toilet every 15 minutes!

Get There Early

Leave yourself plenty of time to arrive and sort yourself out. Again, rushing into the exam hall at the last minute causes unnecessary stress. Meet up with friends before you go in. You can provide mutual support and encouragement, and it will take your mind off the nerves.

*Bonus Tip

Afterwards, reflect on how you think you did. You’ll never be able to tell until results day but you can think about your revision process and change anything you didn’t like in the future.

Now the summer is yours to do with as you please, but allow us to make a few suggestions. Keep learning! It’ll put you in great stead for next year, so read widely and think about summer camps where you can sharpen your wits and put yourself ahead of the pack in future.…

Parental Involvement with Students Education

Have you ever wondered how you can be more involved in your student’s life? According to the NEA.org, when families and community groups all work cohesively, student are more likely to do better in school and like school more. Many parents desire to be more involved with their student’s education but don’t know exactly how. Some parents participate in parent student conferences that involve meetings with their child and the teacher, but sometimes it isn’t enough. Sometimes parents must be more involved in their student’s education to help them succeed. Whether it is dropping them off to school, picking them up, speaking with their teachers, parents need to be fully engaged with what their students are learning and doing with their education. When parents are involved, they can better assist their students by helping them accomplish their tasks. Some students don’t like to have their parents participate because they want to be able to do their work when they want. The problem with that is, is that some students don’t really work too well with deadlines and they tend to miss these deadlines causing their grades to suffer. Parental involvement with student’s education is critical to having them succeed.

Parental Involvement with Students Education

According to Statista.com, last year, there was about 68.4 percent of the whole United States population using smartphones. What is the better way to communicate than a smartphone? It may be smart to use a smartphone for parents, teachers and students to better connect and communicate more. There are many ways that parents can be involved with their student’s education. One of the best ways and more modern ways to be involved with education involves utilizing an educational app that allows teachers, students and parents to unite online. There are apps on the market that allow teachers to post things, student group chat, access to online documents and resources, teacher parent chat, etc. This app gives parents and students the opportunity to better communicate, hence, a better educational outcome for their student. You can discover more information on this website: https://www.classdojo.com/studentstories/.

In addition to utilizing smartphone applications to increase communication among students, teachers and parents, parents are also encouraged to spend more time with their children doing educational activities. By promoting educational activities at home, students can more likely build motivation for their education. Parents need to create a learning environment in their home on a regular basis. What many parents don’t understand is that education shouldn’t just be in the school system, but it should be carried on in their personal lives and at home. Whether it is drawing, painting, building or simply just educating, children are always benefiting from it. An educational home environment is a healthy environment. We always want to encourage our children to learn and grow.

All in all, parental involvement with their children’s education will help them achieve ultimate success. Parents need to be more supportive and understanding of the needs of their children’s education. It is important to dedicate your time and efforts into constantly creating the learning environment at home as well. Learning never stops.


How giving a mock test can help you in clearing IAS exam?

IAS is the premier and toughest exam in the country and thus its preparation includes lots of factors. This is not an ordinary exam which you can clear with just little knowledge and a bit preparation. Your IAS dream requires lots of hardship, patience, time management techniques and some extraordinary efforts. Taking mock test is one of the best ways to prepare these civil services exam as it helps you to know the exact structure of the question paper.

Well, importance of mock test is known to everyone and it doesn’t need any special introduction. It is important to enroll for the right mock test series so as to prepare in much effective and productive way. Let’s discuss its importance in a detailed manner and see how it can help the candidates in clearing IAS exam.

Help in knowing the exam pattern

The prime benefit of taking mock test is that it helps you to know about the IAS exam pattern. It shows the clear picture of the paper like the type of questions, number of sections, marking trends, distribution of question and many more. It is important for you to be familiar with the type of questions asked. With the help of the same, you can come to know what type of exam paper you’ll be going to face while taking the actual IAS examination. Knowing the exam pattern helps you to understand the paper so that you can consume all the information and take the exam in a much better way. Taking mock test ensures your chances of success and thus it is advised to enroll for the right mock test series.

Increase your time speed

Mock test is helpful in increasing your time speed while attempting the paper. When you have already face the mock test then taking the actual question paper is not that difficult as you are familiar with the time limit and exam structure. Mock test help you to know about the exact time limit so that you can learn about how to manage time while answering the questions in the exam paper. Time plays the crucial role in IAS or any other competitive exam and when you learn about time management then nobody can stop you from qualifying the same. Give as much mock test as you can so that you can know how to complete the IAS exam within the specific duration of time.

It makes learning your concepts faster

Mock test is almost identical to the actual IAS exam and thus it helps you to learn the concepts a bit faster. If you are lucky enough then you may get a lot of similar questions in actual IAS exam which surely help you in clearing the same with good marks. So, enroll for the right mock test series and get to learn the concepts faster and in a much simple way.

Increases your confidence level

We have already said that IAS is not at all an ordinary exam and cannot be qualified with just knowledge. Confidence plays the major role in qualifying this reputed and deemed examination. Your confidence makes you think well so that you can attempt the exam in a positive way. When you take mock test series, it not only tells you about the structure or pattern of exam but also boosts your confidence level which will prove beneficial in the real examination. These test increases your conceptual understanding which in turn enhance your confidence. The more mock test you take the more confident you’ll become.

Access the real competition

Preparation within the four walls of your home and competition with yourself will not bring your IAS dream into reality. Enroll for real ranking and Pan – India IAS mock test and access the real competition of exam before actually appearing in the same. This will help you to know your level and how far you have to go so as to qualify this exam.

Look, mock tests can give you that extra edge you badly need to clear IAS exam. This is that extraordinary effort which can transform your IAS dream to reality. Under preparation is not an excuse when you are preparing for such a reputed examination. So, start taking mock tests now and give a kick start to your IAS preparation.…

CBFYMCA Youth Education Center Adds Infant And Toddler Care

(Doylestown, PA, February 23, 2018) Central Bucks Family YMCA is excited to announce the expansion of its Youth Education Center to include care for toddlers and infants as young as six weeks old. This new program is in addition to the outstanding preschool and kinder-enrichment classes already offered at Lenape Valley Church in New Britain.

Beginning April 2nd, programs for Infants and Toddlers will feature low child to adult ratios and the type of excellent care parents have come to expect from the Y. “We’re proud to offer an educational environment that feels like a second home for the children in our care. Our Youth Education Center is a warm, nurturing environment with a knowledgeable and caring staff,” said Branch Director Valerie Tanner.

The community is invited to stop in to an Open House March 5th-9th, anytime between 8:30AM – 5PM to take a tour and talk with staff. The registration fee will be waived for families that enroll by March 16th and begin childcare in March, April or May. In addition, children who begin childcare in March will also receive a $100 credit on tuition in April. The Y accepts Apple Assistance and Financial Assistance is available.

CBFYMCA Youth Education Center Adds Infant And Toddler Care

All students enrolled at the Youth Education Center receive a complimentary youth membership to the Y. The membership allows students to participate in programs at the Y including sports, fitness and arts classes, aquatics, and special needs programs offered to members at no or reduced cost. For infants and toddlers, this includes parent/child aquatics and gym classes at the main facility in Doylestown.

For more information, you can see RMT Toronto

Central Bucks Family YMCA is a charitable non-profit organization whose purpose is to improve the quality of community life. The Y strengthens the spirit, mind and body of its members. We build character by promoting the values of caring, respect, honesty and responsibility.…

A Guide on AIIMS 2018 – From Preparation to Registration

Have you always dreamt of becoming a leading surgeon in the country? Has it ever been a dream for you to be able to save lives as a doctor? If both the above answers were yes, then you need to start diligently preparing for your MBBS course from the prestigious AIIMS institute. Preparing for a career in the medical field is not a just a walk in the park. It involves years of study, practice and most importantly dedication and discipline. Today we will discuss everything that you need to know about AIIMS 2018.

Hasil gambar untuk Registration


To be eligible for the entrance exam of AIIMS 2018, you need to have cleared your class 12 examinations. Your main field of class 11 and 12 should be science. The subjects that you need to have studied include physics, chemistry, biology, general knowledge and logical thinking. Additionally, in order to be eligible for this exam, you also need to be of age 17 or older on the 31st of December of the year of admission. If you appear for your entrance exam through the general category then scoring an aggregate of 60% or above in any prior exam through a recognized board or Indian University is essential for eligibility. SC and ST category students need to score an aggregate of 50% and above in prior board or Indian university recognized examinations for eligibility.

Preparations for the AIIMS Entrance Exam

Preparing for the AIIMS entrance exam involves hard work and commitment. The most important thing to keep in mind when studying for these exams is making sure that you have your basic concepts right. Every possible concept that you can possibly think of should be thoroughly covered. The next step for preparation involves dedicated and thorough practice. Studying theory is only 20% of the job. You need to focus on practicing questions alongside learning theory. Most students who have topped the AIIMS entrance exam in the past have dedicated 80 percent their study time to practice questions. Further, if you have any doubts about the matter that you’re studying, ask a professional for proper guidance and assistance. Having doubts in any syllabus matter can impact your confidence when appearing for the exams.

Exam Pattern for AIIMS Entrance Test

The AIIMS entrance exam is a computer-based exam and the questions asked are multiple choice questions. You will get four options for each question and you need to mark the correct answer. The examination is conducted over a period of 3.5 hours. For each correct answer, you will score 1 point and 1/3rd of a point will be deducted for every incorrect answer. The languages that this exam is offered in include English and Hindi. There are a total of 200 questions asked for this exam.

Identity Requirements and Number of Attempts

In order to be able to appear for this examination, you need to have a valid Aadhar card. Without an Aadhar card, you will not be able to apply for or appear for this test. There is no limit to the number of times that you can appear for this exam. You can reappear as many times as you want as long as you fit the eligibility criteria.…

International education: What you need to know

When it comes to choosing international schools, many expats feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice. At the same time, however, it’s possible to feel like nowhere really stacks up to the standards of home, leaving many parents feeling hopeless when they try to place their kids in international schools.

Parents experiencing either of these worries might also find their task made even more difficult by the lack of published league tables. Here is a brief rundown of English-speaking schools that have been named among the elite institutions in their area, broken down by curriculum.

US Curriculum

American School of Warsaw

The American School of Warsaw (ASW) offers “open arms and a welcoming smile” for new students. ASW boasts a student body made up of children from more than 50 countries, prioritizing discovery and experience in offering a world-class education. The school’s PK-12 academic program puts a strong emphasis on computer training and technology, while their holistic approach to learning means that ASW “teaches the whole child”, treating each new attendee as part of the school family.

THINK Global School

THINK Global School (TGS)’s novel approach to learning sees students live and learn in four countries each school year. The traveling high school believes its uniquely nomadic nature enables students to make a strong connection between their studies and their physical location.For example, students read Homer while tracing Odysseus’ journey through Greece.

THINK Global School has small classes, boasting a 1:5 faculty/student ratio, and has invested in making the latest technology available to students. The school promises new attendees “infinite opportunities to pursue your passions” and says that students will make “unforgettable connections” between their education and the world surrounding them.

 The American School in Switzerland

With a diverse student body made up of more than 65 nationalities speaking 35 languages, The American School in Switzerland (TASIS) is one of the most diverse elite international schools. TASIS promises students they will become global citizens by learning about and celebrating cultural differences.

 English/British curriculum

Dulwich College International School

With campuses in both Shanghai and Beijing, Dulwich College International School is affiliated with the college of the same name in London. Among its claims to fame are a “traditional public school atmosphere” and a faculty that is almost exclusively English speaking.

The Garden International School

Based in Kuala Lumpur, The Garden International School is the largest international school in Malaysia.
The school offers a friendly atmosphere that balances academics with extracurricular activity, and the establishment encourages students to learn new languages like Mandarin.

Australian curriculum

Australian International School (AIS)

While there are many local international schools in Singapore, AIS is the only Southern Hemisphere school that offers an Australian curriculum-based education for students aged 3 to 18.

Australian International School Malaysia (AISM)

Set by a lake in a gated estate near southern Kuala Lumpur, AISM is the only school that follows an Australian curriculum in Malaysia. Its student body hails from Australia, Malaysia and more than 35 other countries, and the school speaks proudly of its students’ achievements in academics and sports.

Finding the right international school for your children might take some effort, but the rewards of a solid and well-rounded education are immeasurable.…