Canada’s International Education Approach

The International Education Division provides programs and solutions that supply education and instruction to enhance the skills of men and women to be powerful in intercultural settings and to boost their awareness and understanding of cultural variables in human interactions. On a more optimistic note, the number of international students is growing at a quicker rate in Canada than in any other nation, with the number of international students studying in Canada growing by 51 percent considering that the Edu-Canada pilot project was launched in 2007—an typical of eight % per year.

Mapping the Nation – This classroom resource presents financial, demographic and education data at both the state and county levels to show international connections for each county in the U.S. – from jobs tied to international trade and immigrants with wealthy linguistic sources, to the billions of dollars contributed to our economy by international students studying here.

In fact, recent foreign public-opinion investigation completed by Ipsos Reid for the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development located that international students recognize Canada’s superb integrated offer—not just to study, but also to perform both whilst studying and following graduation, and to possibly immigrate to Canada soon after graduation.

As properly as enjoying extremely robust links with nearby schools and specialist nurseries, we have a specialist teaching room that has a variety of story sacks and puppets, an in depth choice of planning sources, copies of essential texts, and toys and gear that are relevant for foundation stage.

A robust and forward-hunting strategy to attract a significant proportion of these students to Canada will create new jobs and sources of prosperity, address key labour-force challenges and generate new possibilities for Canadians in each and every region of the country.

Under the Technique, the Government of Canada will operate with the provinces and territories, Canadian educational institutions, and other stakeholders to double the size of our international student base from 239,131 in 2011 to more than 450,000 by 2022 (with out displacing Canadian students).

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