Know about Program Management Professional (PgMP) Certification

A senior level practitioner those who deliver important initiatives which helps in the organization strategic goals is known as a program manager. A company having a mature program management practices provide greater delivery than the others. Having a project management training Certification helps you to join an exclusive club which recognizes your skills, knowledge and the ability to manage programs and make you stand out from the rank of 640,000 certified project management professionals in the whole world. There are more or less 1,400 certified PgMP practitioners which ensures that programs provides benefits for the business. The certification enhances your value, visibility and contribution to the organization. This can very well be judged via a complete survey of such management programmes running online with certifications.

Why project Management is preferred by many?

Let us check some points you need to know about the differences between Programs, Projects and portfolios that make the foothold strong in terms of project management programmes.

  • Program means achieving of an organizational goals and objectives while Projects mean achieving a tactical goal and objectives.
  • Programs are also responsible for delivering the benefits and new capabilities whereas projects are responsible for delivering products or solutions which enables the outcomes to be achieved.
  • Program focuses on Governance, Benefits and Stakeholder Engagement whereas projects focus on Cost, time and Scope.

The proper process of Project Management

The process of achieving projects objectives which includes performance, budget and schedule through a couple of activities which starts and ends in a certain period of time and produces qualified and quantified deliveries. Successful in project management is also an art of bringing the task together, peoples necessarily us the aptful resources to achieve the business goals and objectives within a specific period of time. Program and projects are directly linked to the strategic goals and initiatives of the supported organization.

 A life cycle in Project Management

Pgmp classroom training life cycle means the process of each manager that follows during the life of a project. Methodical life cycles are very necessary for rapid implement and manage all projects successfully. During the life cycle of any projects all the project management processes are tested, proven and best practices are initiated. The types and extent of those processes that are initiated always depends on the nature of the project ( Size, consequences of failure and probability of failure). Effective and strong leadership which are applied in the process are to protect all projects. Every project has a life cycle of a good beginning and a happy end. There are 9 important areas of project management:

  • Scope Management
  • Time Management
  • Communications Management
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Cost Management
  • Integration Management
  • Quality Management

Each of the fields consists of techniques, processes and tools which are applied to some degree during the course of a project and the same is also applied to the application too.

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