Mastering Scrum The Right Way

As companies take on projects with multiple moving parts and various collaborators, a simple framework like Scrum allows for productivity and creativity. Mastering Scrum will enable you to collaborate on complex projects, improve planning and estimation, focus on team dynamics and motivation along with conflict resolution.

Registering for the Professional Scrum Master or PSM course by KnowledgeHut will give you in-depth knowledge on the framework and its different capabilities across projects.

What The Course Is About

KnowledgeHut proves a Professional Scrum Master course for professionals who want to use this simple yet effective framework to optimise teamwork. This course is intensive and focuses on advanced topics such as using the framework for entrepreneurs, creating retrospectives, and the various tools and techniques one can use for Scrum implementation.

This PSM course covered over a two-day period and includes several practical classes so that you can get hands-on exposure to using the different aspects of the framework. You will also be familiarised with various case studies in order to see the range and effectiveness of Scrum. The course also has a rigorous assessment at the end that will test your understanding of the deep principles and values of Scrum.

This course is tailormade to suit all those who are tasked with getting the most out of the Scrum framework. It increases the standards of anyone who has previous experience working with scrum by giving them a more in-depth knowledge of the principles.

Key Takeaways

The PSM course covers several topics that will give you a thorough understanding of the principles and structure of the Scrum framework. These topics cover Scrum theory, the framework, and the definitions of Done, the role of the Scrum Master, and how the use of Scrum benefits your organisation. You will also learn how to work with teams and other collaborators by running a Scrum project.

At the end of the course, you will be directed towards the PSM level 1 assessment managed by Once you clear the test with the minimum 85% score, you can move ahead to clear the PSM level 2 and 3 assessments.

Why KnowledgeHut

KnowledgeHut’s intensive courses have helped many professionals to acquire relevant skill sets necessary for their growth. The platform offers cutting-edge and easily accessible learning platform with industry experts steering the various courses. KnowledgeHut offers intensive Scrum training in a two-day workshop. This allows participants to interact with the instructors freely and greatly benefit from face-to-face instruction. Participants can choose between the classroom sessions and team/corporate training options.

Becoming a Scrum Master is a benefit to many professionals across various fields. This framework will not only ease the logistics of the project but will also help produce results that are vastly superior. A Scrum Master is invaluable to large corporations and collaboration specific industries. Getting the PSM certification will give your career an undeniable boost.

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