More Archaeological Evidence That Supports The Bible Proslogion

The MA in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology is a two-12 months diploma that permits college students to specialize within the archaeology of the traditional Mediterranean and Near East. Coursework can survey from the Bronze Age civilizations of the Near East and Egypt to Roman provincial archaeology, offering International Education a broadly based basis for additional archaeological training. The diploma balances analysis with fieldwork to finest prepare college students for a profession in archaeology.

Regarding Joshua and Canaan… I presented the idea to my son that the early Hebrew tribal god was directing Joshua to defeat and slaughter the individuals who worshiped the opposing tribal god and that this slaughter was the truth is genocide…a genocide that directed Joshua to kill every man, girl, child, infant and even all of the animals belonging to the Canaanites. His response was that GOD was directing Joshua to retake what rightfully belonged to the Hebrews and that slaughtering the folks of the Promised Land” was not genocide since these folks worshiped a false god and practiced baby sacrifice.

In 1986 archaeologists revealed that several lumps of figured clay known as bullae, bought from Arab dealers in 1975, had as soon as been used to mark documents. Nahman Avigad of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem recognized the impressions stamped into one piece of clay as coming from the seal of Baruch, son of Neriah, a scribe who recorded the doomsday proclamations of the prophet Jeremiah. Another bore the seal of Yerahme’el, son of King Jehoiakim’s son, who the Book of Jeremiah says was sent on an unsuccessful mission to arrest each prophet and scribe-once more confirming the existence of biblical characters.

Ten main archeological discoveries of the previous century which can be vital for understanding the world of the Bible are recognized. For every find, a story of its discovery and the essential information it unlocks is relayed, plus its connection to key biblical events Education Required or references. These ten discoveries illustrate the purpose that new details in regards to the Bible, its world and personalities, come by means of diligence in archeological analysis.

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