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From the extremely beginning of our Republic, a properly-educated citizenry was believed to be vital to protect liberty and the basic welfare of the people. Then, when you recognize that every thing you see in the motion pictures, tv, and on the news is particularly created to uphold the illusionary state of unconsciousness that most of us reside in with regards to our debt slavery, that is the point where regular conversation as defined by the media driven society becomes unbearable.

THAT is the game that is going on. This is a kind of fraud known as a Reverse Trust Schemeā€ in which the trustee of an estate, public or private, contrives to usurp the position of the lawful beneficiary for their personal or an accomplice’s obtain.

When the United States declared itself a municipal corporation, it also produced what is recognized as a cestui que trust to function beneath by implementing the Federal Constitution of 1871, and incorporating the earlier United States Constitutions of 1787 and 1791 as amended, as by-laws.

They are then treated financially and for accreditation purposes as part of the state education program, even although they make decisions about hiring and school policy (not hiring atheists, for instance), which the state may not make itself.

This can be handled beneath the state choice advocated here by only permitting states to opt into transportable federal funding that require by means of legislation that state and district tax dollars follow students to their school of choice regardless of the public school in which the student enrolls.

1 critical aspect is that Public universities at Tertiary Education level and at University level are tuition-cost-free and open to any person. FYI, when you register your car, the State acquires PERFECTED Safety INTEREST in it. I.e. it has a LIEN against it, which is why it can make you obey State Car Code.

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