Should You Get an MBA?

So you’re happy in your job, but are wondering if there’s more you can do to get ahead. Maybe there’s a position opening up that would be your dream job, or maybe you’re thinking about starting your own business and chasing the American dream. If so, you’re probably thinking pretty hard about your experience and qualifications. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever before, so it pays to have as much experience and education as possible so you’ll stand out from the crowd. Is your bachelor’s degree enough? Maybe, and maybe not.

If you’re a newly minted graduate who managed to nab some good internships and/or part-time work experience while you were in college, you’ll be a good job candidate with just your bachelor’s. But if you are looking to move up the corporate ladder and are eyeing upper management or even CEO positions, you’re going to need more. An MBA is almost a must. Very few candidates for these high paying and high profile jobs get them with only an undergraduate education.

Another good reason to get an MBA is if you’re thinking about starting your own business. It’s not absolutely necessary, but the knowledge you’ll gain will give you a good foundation to build on. Running a business is not a simple thing, and the more you know, the better your chances for success. So where do you begin? Start by checking out programs like the one offered by Decide what kind of program you want, traditional full-time, evening or weekend classes, or online learning. Online learning has increased in popularity over the years and is ideal for busy working people, but it takes a lot of discipline. If you thrive in a classroom setting interacting with other students, online learning may not be the best choice for you. Instead consider evening or weekend classes.

Financial aid is available, even for older students, and chances are your company offers some kind of tuition assistance or reimbursement, so be sure to check into it. Getting an MBA takes between 1-2 years depending on the program you choose. You may be able to choose concentrations within the degree, such as human resources or marketing. Choose the one that you are most passionate about, and then be prepared to work hard. You’ll be glad you did when you see just how far your new MBA can take you!