The Division Of Education And Education

The 2000 census registered 992,000 persons with disabilities (1.2% of the population). Lack of parental involvement is the most significant dilemma facing public schools,” according to the post titled WHAT Investigation SAYS ABOUT PARENT INVOLVEMENT IN CHILDREN’S EDUCATION In Relation to Academic Achievement by Michigan Division of Education.

I recently began at a regional neighborhood college to get a real education…Nothing at all from UOP transferred…they would not accept any of it. So I am sitting here starting more than from the starting with student loans that that came as a result of promises that have been not correct.

No a single in their correct mind, particularly a female, age 51, with the economy the way it is and jobs for even the youngest graduating really scarce, with a two year college six miles down the road, and a 4-year college 30 miles up the road ?would considered paying $7,000 to $9, 000 for 4 to seven classes!

THEY SENT THE LOANS BACK TO THE LENDER-THE Monetary COUNCILOR TOLD ME SHE DID, WHICH IS V E R Y ILLEGAL. I was also told I had to spend $1500 every handful of months as the student loans wouldn’t spend them. I am a quickly to be mother of two who is unemployed if I had 2500 dollars to pay them I would not have risked placing myself in debt to them by acquiring loans.I alsoe belive that the way they have their classes set up is idiotic. I really feel the very same way…..they utilized aggressive enrollment tactics, and the level of education was poor.

I am much more than prepared to help out in this suit anyway I can Its pretty sad that individuals like this can screw more than parents , and tough functioning adults that are just attempting to further their education and do proper by their families and society !

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